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Beware the Dark!

(photo by Johannes Plenio from ) S oft beds of foliage tickled the bottom of my foot as I walked along the deserted path. The fraying seams of my baby blue apron tangled themselves in the protruding branches of the nearby oak trees. The dark coiled wool on my head rose as the wind blew past my face. They stood tall and condensed, like the soldiers I would occasionally see in the neighbouring villages. My small woven basket of various herbs and spices swayed back and forth in my hand. They were for the Mage. This was my routine; go to the dark forest, carefully pick the correct ingredients for the potions, follow the toadstool trail back to the cottage before night falls and repeat all over again. This was my job. Most female apprentices my age in the village disliked me though. They hated the fact that I was working for the strongest castor in all of Deyva; saying that I am not worthy of being her apprentice or that I only got the role because I am her granddaughter. She

♫Guess who’s back, back again. Maria’s back, tell a friend♫

T he fact that I’ve probably written this post like four or five times at this point is just plain funny. And the fact that created this blog the same amount of times on different websites is even more ridiculous. I ran from the idea of having a blog for so long. I considered creating videos on YouTube to streaming on Twitch to streaming on Mixer to just completely giving up the idea of creating an audience and just writing my book and seeing where it would go.   But alas, I am ready to start this new chapter in my life. You know, I never realized how frightening it was to put yourself out there. Especially if we’re talking about going in front of a camera and having to entertain an audience. Though that’s what I’m doing with this blog, but it’s different you know. To just be behind a screen and typing my life away, rather than talking to camera and a live audience. Blogging is less daunting.   Granted, trying to find the words to type on a blank sheet and then upload it for th