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Turned II

(1052 words) The guilt and shame swirled in my mind as I looked at the corpse of the woman laying lifeless in front of me. My blood soaked attire was evident of my heinous actions. I rubbed my hands down my face as I shook in disbelief. Large cold hands gripped my shoulders. They were cold  - cold like ice spikes piercing through my skin. Though it just felt numb now.  “You did well Marcus.” the voice complimented. My eyes, dull in nature, peered over to him. The  man that stood before him was tall and lanky. He wore a long trench coat and a fedora too large for his head. He looked like a regular englishman, who had many businesses in downtown London. He looked normal. Except...except for his eyes. Those eyes look like mine - blood red in colour. “I honestly didn’t think you would last this long.” he said softly. “You were bitten over a week ago.” “Why?...” I whimpered softly. The man lifted me to my feet and held me close to him. “Let’s get you out of here before the coppers come. My 

Nanowrimo: The Tales of this Writing Event

Nanowrimo...Na-no-wri-mo? What is this Nanowrimo? What does it mean? Alas, do not worry. I am here to tell you all about this strange word and what it means to writers from around the globe. According to their website, Nanowrimo , short for Na tional No vel Wri ting Mo nth, is an annual event that takes place during the whole month of November. During this event, writers from everywhere strive to write 50,000 words in thirty days. Its intention was to give writers an allotted amount of time to get their projects that they had been planning done. Though this event is mainly for novel writing, it can honestly be used for anything you want to get done. However, if you want to keep November as your novel writing month, Nanowrimo does have two smaller events in the year called Camp Nanowrimo held in April and July. Though they run for the same 30 days as in November, these events are more geared towards your flexibility in your writing.  Don’t want to write 50,000 words? You don’t have to;

Turned I

*1234 words* It was a cold night in London 1964. The streets ran rampant with prostitutes in the arms of their benefactors. I walked down the brightly lit boulevard, my hands deep into my pockets. The sounds of chatter and laughter rang in my ears like nails scratching against a chalkboard. I winced a bit, readjusting my collar to cover my ears. Rank odours of the homeless lying about caused my nose to ring up in disgust. As one reached out to grab the tail of my trench coat, I immediately swerved its hands, picking up my pace. I clutched my arms around myself. Was it to keep me warm?...or to stop me from doing something out of character.  Craning my neck up towards the empty street, I had let out a painful hiss, swiftly bringing my hand to cup the inflamed area. I felt a chill rush over my body. My breathing became ragged and my eyes held tears. I took one solid breath, still cupping my neck and hurriedly walked across the street.  “Hey sugar, do you wanna have some fun?” I

!!A Tale of Wattpad!!

Watt - pad What exactly is Wattpad? It is basically a website where anyone can post their stories from around the world. These stories can either be full length standalone novels, full series of books, short stories, novellas, flash fictions and microfictions. They even have writing competitions and challenges of every topic and genre that happen rather frequently.  I discovered this site when I was about 14 or 15 years old. I remember I was in my 10th grade geography class and a few of my classmates were in the corner just giggling to themselves, showing eachother their phones. And what stook out to me the most was the word “stories”. This piqued my interest as I loved stories; always have since I was really little. So, I went over to them and asked what they were talking about. My close friend showed me her phone and said to me: “This author updated her story on Wattpad.” What?! Someone can frequently update a book that’s already out for the world to see and read?! This new revelatio