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My Halloween Special (Mind Games)


Happy Ole Halllow's Eve my spooky babies!

How are you guys doing? I know, I know it's been a minute. But I'm happy to report that I've been doing a lot of writing. So I just thought I'll give you guys a creepy flash fiction I did. It all honestly started from a dream I had . And it was so confusing to me, I had to write it down to make it make sense. But enough of my rambling. Here is the story! Let me know your feedback; I would love to hear it!


The dark ambiance of the night spilled into my room while I gazed up at my mundane ceiling; certain questions swirled in my mind. What is the purpose of life? What is the purpose of us? Why is life so sacred but not death? Why do we place so much value on the longevity of life when it is death that is eternal? 
I pondered on these questions quite frequently. Folks often thought that I’m just the town’s freak. They would habitually write me off as a depressed, cryptic wench with a few psychological problems. I usually didn’t care what this town of dunces thought of me though. But despite all that , I couldn’t help but feel intrigued by all of them. 
These people were tragically obsessed with prolonging their days. Take my family for instance. My mother would always say, “the greatest gift of all is a long life”. She would have my siblings and I participate in her ‘life strengthening exercises’ she had gotten from a ripoff buddhist monk who lived by our grocery store. But then again, who am I to judge? I’ve had the same obsession with death for most of my life. 
Can you blame me though? In my days on this earth, I’ve had idiot after idiot go on and on about life being the best creation. None of them really considered that we truly live once we have died. My love for death was beyond what others could comprehend. Earlier this month, I had played with a ouija board game my dad bought for my birthday.
 It was an old one. You could tell by the aura that swirled around it-- so cold and dark. It was fun. I had hoped however, for something creepy to happen. But all that I got was a few things breaking here and there. But I do keep my hopes up. Sighing, I glanced over to my alarm clock that sat on my nightstand. 2:00AM. The time of the dead, I thought smiling to myself.
Sitting up with my arms propped behind me, I stared out of my victorian styled windows. Tall sycamore trees swayed back and forth in the unsettled wind. Extended branches scraped against the glass like tortured souls trying to escape their hellish fate. Gusts of wind flooded the crevices of my bedroom. Tormented howls rang in my ears. Though, one in particular stood out to me. 
The pain and sorrow it released sounded like a beautiful melancholy piece orchestrated by their despair. It called out to the depths of my soul, with hymns of pure desperation. In my peripheral, a pair of piercing eyes stared up at my window. Glimpsing down into its hollowed sockets ushered strong electrical pulses within me, causing me to feel light-headed.
My breathing became ragged as I pulled my eyes away. Turning back to my nightstand, 2:30AM blinked across the screen. Sighing deeply, I positioned myself back under my cover, falling to sleep with the images of those eyes replaying in my dreams…
...My heart sped up as I walked into an unfamiliar bathroom. It was big. Fluorescent lights flickered above me, creating an eerie atmosphere. In the middle of the room, there sat a mirror covered in dust and smudges. The closer I came to it, my reflection became more distorted. 
From behind me, sounds of nails scratching against the walls echoed throughout the room. I quickly twisted my neck towards the sound. All that I was met with was darkness. 
“This is weird…” I whispered under my breath.
Rustling came from the front of me; like something...or someone was running about. I turned back to my original position, keeping my face calm and stoic. The air around me became thicker--too thick to breathe. 
Cold beads of sweat formed on my forehead and my hands started to get clammy. The mirror began to shake and distort--like it was a glitch. Within seconds the ground started to shake and the lights blew out. 
“What the…” the panic in my voice rose. 
All of a sudden, there were wooden walls surrounding me. A single spotlight appeared at the end of them, highlighting the same mirror from before. I quickened my pace, rushing down the confusing path. Suddenly, my sides exploded with sharp pains. 
Reaching the sink below the mirror, I clenched my fingers around it, panting to catch my breath. Struggling to lift my own head, I stared at myself in the mirror. There were dark circles under my eyes and exposed wrinkles along the edges of my cheeks. I turned the faucet on and bent over to splash some water onto my face. 
Running my hand down my face, I opened my eyes to reveal something so horrifying. There, sitting in the rusty, steel sink, were four of my teeth--black in colour. The confusion that sat on my face, was overruled by the intense pain in my mouth and the strong urge to cough. A continuous set of violent coughs left my body. Strong fumes of iron filled my nostrils.
Removing my hands, the sound of objects hitting metal caught my attention. Panning my eyes down to the sink, the sight of more teeth made my heart drop to my stomach. This time, they were covered in thick blood that looked almost black. I tried to let out a scream but it didn’t come out. My eyes flickered up to the mirror, revealing a pair of red eyes staring back at me; a twisted smirk planted on its face.
“AHHH!!” I immediately jumped back in horror. 
Massive spotted claws clings to the edges of the mirror. Slowing, it began to push its contorted body out of the confines of its cage and towards me. 
“What the hell is this?” I whispered in fright.
As soon as it’s feet hit the ground, it lunged for me; causing me to trip and fall on my butt. I began to crawl backwards, my eyes never leaving theirs. As it came closer to me, a muffled buzzing noise started to fill the air. The mysterious creature had paused, its eyes grew thin as if it was calculating its next move.
I took that as my chance to get away, but it was quicker than me. It brought its calloused hands to my neck, squeezing it tightly; while plunging its other hand into my chest. Darkness filled my vision as the beast threw me across the room. The last thing I saw was the smudged mirror with my blood on it…
I shot up, sweat beads dripping down my forehead. The sound of chickens shouting to their heart's content echoed throughout my room. 
“That was something..” I trailed off shaking my head, a small smile gracing my lips. 
“It sure was.” an unfamiliar voice spoke. 
I furrowed my brow in confusion. Lifting my head towards the ceiling, a dark figure clung onto my roof with no problem. It had a sinister smile on its face...the same smile as the one in my dream. As the realization washed across my eyes, the figure dropped down on top of me, plunging its claws into my chest. 
“We are going to have so much fun.” it chuckled darkly. 
I laid there, in a pool of my own blood, eyes filled with fear but a smile on my face.
“Thank you.”
I gurgled through the blood, drifting into a deep sleep.


Happy Halloween Folks!!


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