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Turned I

*1234 words*

It was a cold night in London 1964. The streets ran rampant with prostitutes in the arms of their benefactors. I walked down the brightly lit boulevard, my hands deep into my pockets. The sounds of chatter and laughter rang in my ears like nails scratching against a chalkboard. I winced a bit, readjusting my collar to cover my ears.

Rank odours of the homeless lying about caused my nose to ring up in disgust. As one reached out to grab the tail of my trench coat, I immediately swerved its hands, picking up my pace. I clutched my arms around myself. Was it to keep me warm?...or to stop me from doing something out of character.

 Craning my neck up towards the empty street, I had let out a painful hiss, swiftly bringing my hand to cup the inflamed area. I felt a chill rush over my body. My breathing became ragged and my eyes held tears. I took one solid breath, still cupping my neck and hurriedly walked across the street. 

“Hey sugar, do you wanna have some fun?”

I looked up from the sidewalk, only to see a woman who was old enough to be my mother. “No I don’t.” I told her in a curt tone.

I tried to walk away, but she placed her wrinkled hand on my chest, caressing it slowly but rough. Her skinny fingers clung to my collar, pulling herself toward me. 

“What are you doing?” I tried to say in confidence but the bass in my voice wavered. 

All the hag did was chuckle and leaned so close until our faces were only a few centimetres from each other. The smell of her cheap perfume almost made me recoil away from her. But something kept me in. The smell was different from anything I’ve ever smelt before. It was strong...compelling…


My eyes shifted down to her level, flickering from her eyes to her neck. With every second that I stared, this strange urge...felt, something was calling to me. What is this? My gums started to become sore, as if they were being cut with sharp blades. Before I could think another thought, the harlot started pulling me towards a dark alley. 

I tried to pull away from her, but it felt like something was forcing my legs to follow her. As soon as we got into the utmost crevices of the alley, she threw herself on me, causing us to crash into a nearby wall and feathered kisses down my neck. They felt like overcooked mashed potatoes that were placed in the freezer--disgusting. 

“Stop this right now!” I shouted at her, though it came out as a whisper.

I grabbed her by the neck. Her cheeks flushed red and her eyes became slightly dull. My hands started to tighten as I felt the urge trickle back within me. My gums were now inflamed and my eyes burning. In frustration, I threw the woman on the ground; her head hitting the hard concrete.

I tried to slow my breathing down, amazed at the strength I had just exhibited; but something intriguing had caught my attention.

That fragrance…

Hesitantly, I looked down at her body. She laid there on the ground struggling to get up, blood trickling down her temple. A gust of wind blew past me, taking the iron stench deep into my nostrils. For a split second, something animalistic from within took over every muscle in my body. 

In the twinkle of an eye, I was at her side. Heavy breathing came from her bruised mouth. She tried to crawl away from me, fear now imminent in her stares. 

She was afraid of me... 

Dirt and dry leaves stuck to her face, using her delectable blood as some sort of adhesive. Wait…did I…

Did I just call her blood delectable? 

What is happening to me?!

I tried to shake those sinful thoughts that seeped into my mind. I knew I should have gone to Sunday mass as mother wanted, I scolded myself. I brought my calloused hands towards her head garment, pushing back the loose tendrils that hung around her face. 

“Please...please…” she pleaded through tears.

The smell of her blood made my gums hurt again. But this time it was much more painful, like sharp knives trying to escape their confines. She lifted her frail arms towards my chest and tried to push me away. My mouth became slightly ajared in irritation and I felt a stabbing sensation on my lips.

Bringing my fingers to my mouth, I ran them across my teeth; but they were canines were. They were elongated and tapered at the ends, sharp to the touch. My eyes flicked around the dark alley to find a shard of glass. My heart started to speed up as I picked up the glass.

Looking at the image in front of me, my irises were crimson red with gold specks floating around. There, they were resting on the pads of my cracked lips--fangs. I threw the mirror against the wall, shattering it. My hands, that were now covered in the woman’s blood, started to shake uncontrollably.

My chest started to burn like a mountain of flames resting on my lungs. Migraines upon migraines flooded into my skull.

“AHH!!” I screamed in agony.

The woman was already on her feet, using my pain as a form of an escape. My bloodshot eyes flashed toward the puddle of her crimson liquid. I ran my fingers in it, covering most of my hand. Hesitantly, I brought it towards my nose and took a few sniffs. Without thinking, I brought it to the tip of my tongue, wrapping my lips around it. The relief I felt after that was phenomenal. 

I bent over, my face nose to nose with the ground. The knees of my pants covered in blood and dirt. With my hands on either side of the puddle, I flicked my tongue in it. Shivers ran down my spine and I started to feel giddy. Slurping up the rest, a terrified scream broke me out of my trance.

There at the entrance of the alley stood the frazzled prostitute. She clung to a broken window sill, panting and scared for her life.

She should be…

Within seconds, I had her planted against the wall; once again, my grip tightening around her neck. 

“Please sir...please…” she stared me down, pleading for me to release her. 

Shaking my head slightly, I gripped her skull and aggressively pushed it to the side. Her pleas became more erratic--almost desperate. I decided to put the poor woman out of her misery. Closing my eyes, I sank my new teeth into her neck, puncturing her vein. 

Her blood…

I softened her gurgled cries with my hand, never opening my eyes. The more that it poured into my mouth, the more I felt energized than I’ve ever felt before. I drank and drank until I felt her body go limp against mine. Using the last of my will power, I detached myself from her.

I laid her body against a rusty dumpster, carefully positioning her in a snug corner. My posture was slouched over, trying to process what I had just done. As foreign tears ran down my cheeks, a familiar voice called from behind me.

“Well done my child…”


Here's another flash fiction for you guys ! Let me know your thoughts on it! Until then...

Better Weird, Better Writing!


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