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Turned II

(1052 words)

The guilt and shame swirled in my mind as I looked at the corpse of the woman laying lifeless in front of me. My blood soaked attire was evident of my heinous actions. I rubbed my hands down my face as I shook in disbelief. Large cold hands gripped my shoulders. They were cold  - cold like ice spikes piercing through my skin. Though it just felt numb now. 

“You did well Marcus.” the voice complimented.

My eyes, dull in nature, peered over to him. The  man that stood before him was tall and lanky. He wore a long trench coat and a fedora too large for his head. He looked like a regular englishman, who had many businesses in downtown London. He looked normal. Except...except for his eyes. Those eyes look like mine - blood red in colour.

“I honestly didn’t think you would last this long.” he said softly. “You were bitten over a week ago.”

“Why?...” I whimpered softly.

The man lifted me to my feet and held me close to him. “Let’s get you out of here before the coppers come. My  name is Emmanuel by the way.”

Dim rays from the street lights burned my irises. Involuntarily I hissed in pain, covering my eyes to aid them. Emmanuel rested his hat onto my head blocking the lights.

“Your eyes are sensitive right now because you’re a newborn and one who just fed at that.”

“What? Why?...” 

“I will tell you everything once we are away from wandering eyes.” 

We had reached a small car parked tightly to the curb. Bystanders gawking from a distance at the sight of it. Firmly gripping the door handle, he gently guided into the car, tipping the hat even further on my face. To block the stench of blood I guess. Would it help them? Would it help me? My gums were still tingling at the notion of having more blood on them. This new me...this new reality...scared me.

Screams could be heard from behind us. Looking back I saw a petite woman hunched over the prostitute’s body. Her wales alone vibrated the sturdy structure of the car. The howls of sirens blared through the dark early morning sky. They sped past us so fast, their car almost hit a fire hydrant. Every shop owner from the corner stores came outside to see what was such a big ruckus. Little that they know, they were going to ruin their whole day.

As we drove past buildings, the scenery came and went in a blur. I was so focused on not ripping my own thought out to notice that Emmanuel wasn’t driving. At the wheel was someone with long red hair that glowed like fire whenever the street lights touched it. As if sensing eyes on her, she peered slightly over to me. Danger emitted from her like a thousand stop signs warning you from her. 

Her eyes were different though. While Emmanuel’s eyes shone with astonishment and pride, her’s had intriguement and pity. Pity for what I’ve become. I’m a monster. A demon. A disgrace. 

“How are you feeling Marcus?” she asked me.

Her voice was soft, like a small child, yet firm. Like this situation wasn’t new to her. I wanted to answer her. I wanted to scream to the whole city to stay away from me. The most I gave her was a small ‘hmph’ and pressed my face further into the glass.

“Leave him be for now Marietta. We’ll discuss this back at the manor.” Emmanuel spoke with a pointed tone. 

A deep sigh came from her as we picked up speed. The stacks of buildings started to gradually fade away, allowing the dense forest vegetation to consume our view.

* * *

It felt like forever that we were confined to this car. Small bits of sunlight peeked through the trees. Some of the rays grazed my cheeks causing me to hiss in discomfort. Emmanuel tipped the hat further on my face. 

“Don’t worry. I had these windows made specifically for our kind. Though, you’ll still feel a bit uncomfortable.” he shifted in his seat, fixing the leather gloves on his hands. “We’re almost there.”

I nodded, hugging my body tighter. In the approaching distance, was the largest building he had seen. It looked to have ten floors for how tall it was. Just the plain broadness of it intimidated me. And we were heading straight for it. Emmanuel called it a manor. No, this was a goddamn castle.

 We stopped in front of a large metal gate. The amount of detail of the gate alone sent shivers down my spine. Standing at the gate was a stout, plump man. Dressed in a fine Emmanuel. He had a long and gray beard as full as Merlin’s. He was hunched over, bringing his bead-like head to the glass.

“Back so soon Ms. M?” the man gruffed out. His mouth held a small smile but his eyes were as dull. “I thought you were scheduled to come next week?”

“Yeah…well my plans changed.” she dragged. “I have Mr. Belford with me as well as a  guest.”

Finally acknowledging my presence, he stared for what seemed like forever, then he gave me a stiff nod and shifted his attention over to Emmanuel. “Master, how was your trip to Barcelona?”

“It was pleasant Geoffrey. Now let us in.” he demanded.

“As you wish, Master.” his eyes flickered back to me, and he spoke in a low tune. “Enjoy your stay at the Belford Manor.”

That statement was supposed to be welcoming. It was supposed to ease the anxiety that rumbled in my stomach. But the fear of the unknown grew exponentially in size. I gave him a quick nod and turned my attention back to my jittery legs. The car began to move again and I swore I could’ve felt his eyes burning into me, scrutinizing me...questioning my presence.

“Don’t worry about Geoffrey. He’s just not used to me personally bringing guests. But,” he said with a smile, “no worries. This will be a safe haven for you.”

The manor stood tall before the car and it’s gritty stone texture beckoned him to come closer. My eyes snapped back to Emmanuel, who held his long arm toward the building. 

“Welcome home.”


Here's another flash fiction for you guys ! Let me know your thoughts on it! Until then...

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